Hello, I'm
Sonali Negi.

Social Media Marketer, Delhi/NCR.

About me.

BORN 1996, NEW DELHI / University of Delhi

I love creativity & originality. I always try to think out of the box. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don't. But I never stop trying.

Social media - 4 years Experience
SEO - 1 year Experience
PAID ADS - 4 years Experience
design thinking -3 years Experience

The Journey of HODM : 2 members to 78,000 members.

I was the only person who was responsible for all the updates, maintenance, and engaging visitors. HODM is India's most active community of bloggers/writers/digital marketers to have discussions with each other, take advice or give advice to each other and support each other in tough times. click here to join the community:


Real estate Lead generation campaign for a Noida based builder: Generated 500 leads within 2 days(cost per lead is approx 50 - best performance campaign in Find My Property ever.)

Qonfuse work

FB Ads
Creative Designs
Social media campaigns

While Working With HODM,

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